Plants are an essential type of organism that can be found all over the earth. Plants benefit the environment and human existence on the planet in a variety of ways, including supplying food for humans and wildlife. As a result, it is critical to maintain the health of the plants. Plants that are healthy lead to a country's profitability. Production of agricultural products The Internet of Things (IOT) has played a critical role in plant health monitoring. It is beneficial for farmers to increase productivity as a result of plant monitoring. The proposed system is based on the following principles:-sensors for the purpose of monitoring, soil moisture, pH, temperature, and air quality can all be determined. With the help of a microcontroller, certain sensors can be used. The data is gathered from the sensors. The internet of things (IoT) in combination with environmental sensing and image processing devices has ushered in a new era of plant health monitoring. The early detection of plant illnesses using image processing and analysis of environmental sensing data not only aids farmers in growing healthy plants, but also helps them maximize production. IoT is required to monitor and classify plant diseases by sending photos and providing comments. In this research, a Raspberry Pi-based IoT device is presented that sends photos of plants to classify diseases and continuously updates environmental information such as air temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and pH in a MySQL database.



Software And Hardware