Public transport is the great importance in day to day life. Citizens who use buses they waste a time for wait the bus at bus stop. In daily operation of bus system, the gesture of bus is affects by unknown situations as the day progresses such as traffic or dispatching buses at irregular time from the depot. The peoples are travelling by bus get exact location of bus and the count of passengers in bus it will increases the trustworthiness in public transport. The system design is prepared. Specifically, DFD (Data Flow Diagram), architectural design, block design and use case design of our system is prepared. This project proposes a system to track public bus using GPS, tell the count of number of passengers in bus and also the status of the bus. The location of bus passenger count, bus status, bus routes and bus timing can be access by public using IoT technology. All these details of particular bus are accessed by simply scanning QR code of link in smart phone.this system is very secure and smart assisted. It’s more secure, smart and advanced. The system is smart and advanced as it has various features GPS tracking, IoT acknowledgement.



Software And Hardware