As the globe moves closer to a digital era, technology is being used more wisely to bring about breakthroughs and improve human lifestyles. It's like rowing a boat without a paddle if you don't incorporate these technology improvements into your current lifestyle. The main goal is for smart sensors to work together without the need for human intervention to create a new class of applications. The use of a smart bin is an unavoidable part of this procedure. The goal of this project is to create a smart dustbin utilising an esp8266 module with two primary pins attached to the sensor: the trigger pin and the echo pin. It helps to keep the environment clean while also reducing the need for human labour. When the smart bin detects the level of thrash. This is due to the ultrasonic sensor, which is located on bottom of the lid. When the trash exceeds the set threshold value, the information is sent to another node, which is a Nodemcu, and this node, using socket programming, shows exact location and status of a dustbin with a colour code



Software And Hardware