In this investigation work. Voting is commonly related to politics and is finished with often taking advantage and manual approach where voters stand to vote for his or her decisions. In the new era of advanced technology where online system improve work speed, reduces mistakes and encourage the generation of accurate results, having manual election system becomes a misfortune. A public election system add up to the backbone of a democracy where the people have to elect their state’s leader. India currently uses a manual election system, which source several kinds of problems. Due to this papape tally ased election system, some problems are faced by voters before or during elections and others are faced by the management before and after the voting. An online system, which involves procedures like booking voters, vote casting, vote counting, and declaring results would constitute a good solution to replace current system and put forward system in this thesis will be helpful for the voters by using any resources like their own system or arranged by executive. Moreover, the put forward stem will also decrease the risk for corruption. The system is put forward after interviewing officials of two departments, the Nation Database and Registration Authority India (NADRA) and the Election task of India (ECP). NADRA has an online archive of the citizens of India, and is providing the Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC) and also hold up different organizations with their online system. So, by using NADRA’s system it becomes easy to register all voters of the age 18 or above, and furthermore to verify and secure their data. Our system is also provide with a chat bot that works as a support or guide to the voters, this helvps the using the voting process



Software And Hardware