The issue of online grocery shopping today is that the there are a lot of applications that have inventory model, which is making the business of vendors go downhill. Therefore, we intend to solve this problem by creating an online marketplace, where we connect the vendors to the user directly, where they can list their products and sell it directly to the consumer without having to pay hefty middlemen fees. This will not only be going to solve the vendor’s problem but also it will help the consumers. By using this application, the user will get the products with ease and convenience and the vendors can gain more profit. The purpose of this project is to increase the profit-making possibility of sellers in market and give customers the opportunity to freely buy groceries over the internet without going outside. The idea is that when user want to order something the application will show the grocery store which is located nearby the user. The user will get the list of stores. By clicking on any shop user will get product which is provided by that shop. User will add the product in the cart according to his choice. After adding to cart user can check out by fulfilling the payment method selection process. When the user will place the order the owner of the shop whose product is bought by user will get the notification. That shop vendor will get information of the order details and the information of the user like name, address and contact number, then the vendor will try to deliver the product at the doorstep of the user in less than 30 minutes. So, this will achieve the goals of the application to deliver the customer’s order in less than 30 minutes.



Software And Hardware