Now-a-days, vehicle parking has become a major problem in urban areas with the shortage of parking spaces. it is very difficult and frustrating to find a parking space in most metropolitan areas, especially during the rush hours to solve this problem. The paper entitled smart parking system using android application, the major motivation of this paper is to reduce the traffic congestion in roads, multistoried buildings and malls due to unavailability of parking spaces. The proposed application provides an easy way for reservation of parking slot. In this application user can view various parking areas and also view whether space is available or not. If the booking space is available then he can book it for specific time slot. The paper displays the nearest empty slot if present with respect to user location. Our project aims to make efficient use of parking spaces. Also, this system provides an additional feature for user. To alleviate the parking problems, smart parking systems must be implemented. In this paper, the background on parking problems is introduced and relevant algorithms, systems, and techniques behind the smart parking are reviewed and discussed. This system gives a further feature of cancelling the bookings. User can cancel their booked area anytime. Users may even make price online primarily based totally at the time taken for the reserved area the quantity might be calculated and the person can make charge. This paper provides a good insight into the guidance, monitoring and reservations components of the smart parking and directions to the future development. A cloud-based smart parking application will enable real-time monitoring and booking of parking availability by providing enhanced services to the end users as well as reduce the workload of the parking administrator.



Software And Hardware