Within digital transformation, which is continuously growing, robotic process automation (RPA) is gaining much more corporate attention. While RPA is a Software Technology that Automates, deploys, and coordinates robots to do things that are insisted according to a set of rules. Conducting a literature review and tool analysis, I categorized specific information to adopt into my project for better implementation of the process. Software robots start to Automate processes similar to those originally performed by human work. So here is the process of my project which is gone through thoroughly and is functioned such that it automates client’s information from mail and then implements the key modules specified to the software Robots using UiPath Studio, all this work done by a robot is the ease of use, more efficient and adaptability allow companies to conceive and implement software robots through (agile) projects. Governance structures, Organizational and IT strategies, therefore, must address the Main benefit of RPA is cost reduction without compromising on the quality of productivity. RPA seems the future of growing business organizations.



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