The presence of students in the classroom is not only the mere marking of accountability of students but the factor that reflects the dedication and determination of students for an effective teaching-learning process. In today’s scenario, attendance has been considered a point misled to forced learning. Students are being forced to maintain a minimum percentage of attendance to qualify for their further studies. This creates distress in students and is trying to commit fault attendance submissions while marking to maintain the threshold. So to eradicate this fault attendance marking, to reduce the proxy percentage, and to make attendance more illustrative we can adopt digital attendance marking. This will eliminate fault attendances and works effectively than a typical paper-based system. This is an era of digital networks, we need to upgrade to the latest technologies to increase efficiency and accountability of marking attendance. This research illustrates the use of different technologies used to mark student attendance automatically. An AI-powered camera runs continuously in the classroom. It has the ability to take pictures and identify all the people present in the classroom and can mark them in the database. We are using a relational database Amazon RDS for data storing and extraction. All the data can be shown in a more illustrative format for better understanding on a webpage.



Software And Hardware