The Smart bus android app is revolutionary application which aims to reform the public transportation bus system. The existing system of bus transportation has many drawbacks such as no real time information about whereabouts of bus, problem of change, traditional methods for monthly passes for student’s professionals etc. In Smart bus android app we have worked on all the setbacks of the existing system mentioned above. The smart bus application can be used by anyone to purchase the ticket or to enquire about information. The smart bus also provides paperless solution to traditional pass services therefore helping in eco-friendly environment. It’s a real time application which will provide details like bus driver, bus route, bus stops along with that the real time location will also be provided on the map for the users. This application also solves the problem of change; basically, in many scenarios the conductor does not have change money and passengers just forget the change and get off the bus. Therefore, we have in app wallet system where each account will hold up some points, points can be purchased or can be get refunded as change from the conductor instead of cash change.



Software And Hardware