Electrical and electronic devices are very common during this recent year of technology especially with the rapid development of smartphones. in the middle of this paper, the look of the Home Automation System that integrates with native houses and the sensible home automation options with remote access provided. Bluetooth is primarily based on the Automated Home System humanoid torture and Arduino style is also compelling. during this work analysis is a phase of sensible home technology where Bluetooth tampering is used on the most portable device, thus there will be lower costs and cost savings to use. This paper explains about a home automation system that can be used to switch home lights, turn off the ON / off fan to use a phone system with Bluetooth wireless technology. The system has four main components: Connect to the Nursing Arduino micro-controller to connect electrical equipment, Bluetooth signal transmission module, Relay module and smartphone with a humanoid system for handling household appliances. Bluetooth communication technology and a controlled system that performance varies low but may be controlled either or or within the entire range of the phone. the idea of paper to manage household appliances to avoid panic attacks and ease of depletion and disability, the World Health Organization will simply reach out to your household electronics by staying somewhere and accessing them remotely while others. With the downside of this approach, home automation works efficiently by providing a repetitive quality of life, and comfort for users.



Software And Hardware