Real time-Employee Emotion Detection system (RtEED) using Machine Learning


Now a days, employee health and well-being is the most important consideration in the work place. Because it will affect the productivity of an individual employee and team contribution. Eventually, the automatic facial expression analysis using machine learning has become an interesting and active research area from past few decades.In this paper, Real time Employee Emotion Detection System (RtEED) has been proposed to automatically detect employee emotions in real time using machine learning. RtEED system helps the employer can check well-being of employees and identified emotion will be intimated to respective employee through messages. Thereby employees can make better decisions, they can improve their concentration level towards work and adopt to the healthier life style and much productive work styles. CMU Multi-PIE Face Data is used to train machine learning model. Each employee will be equipped with a webcam to capture facial expression of an employee in real time. The RtEED system designed to identify six emotions such as happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust and anger through the captured image. Results demonstrate that expected objectives are achieved.



Software And Hardware