Simulation of IoT Web-based Standard Smart Building Using Packet Tracer


Smart building is the building block of a smart city. This work proposes an IoT based smart building for a scientific department providing many services such as lighting, HVAC, security, water management, Fire/ gas alarms and suppression, and smart park which all can be remotely controlled via the Internet by using either the IoT server webpage or the static IP address of the server through smartphones inside and outside the building, PC or laptop. Programming work is achieved for configuring the sensors, gateway, and servers' devices with Java. Python, or Blockly. Standardizations are considered in the work by employing IoT standard technologies and protocols for networking. The paper includes choosing the building of computer and Information department\ College of electronics engineering\ University as a prototype for our IoT smart building simulation using Cisco packet tracer v7.3 which provides many components and devices that simulate the real network.



Software And Hardware