Internet of Things (IoTs)- Review and Multiple Classification


With the increasing advancement in technology in the world, Internet of Things (IoT) is implements a huge number of applications according to the need of the era. IoT is the process to obtain knowledge about something and apply it independently. Different IoT concepts as smart city, smart agriculture, smart bin, smart parking, etc. are present everywhere. Not only use of IoT with different domains is seen but it is also increasing some security issues. This article also presents the review of the current scenario of IoT as well as applications regarding making IoT cost-effective, more efficient, and feasible to implement. Nowadays antenna is a very important aspect in terms of communication. Their small size and high efficiency have made the implementation of IoT more feasible. Every electronics have embedded systems and IoT with embedded helped researchers to set a new level of IoT. IoT concerns changing applications and needs in the current scenario. This article also reviews AUTOCON-IoT, and Node-MCU which consists of an exhaustive review of the security of IoT discussing challenges and proposed solutions to it.



Software And Hardware