An Integrative and Privacy Preserving-Based Medical Cloud Platform


With the rapid development of cloud computing which has been extensively applied in the health research, the concept of medical cloud has become widespread. In this paper, we proposed an integrated medical cloud architecture with multiple applications based on privacy protection. The scheme in this paper adopted attribute encryption to ensure the PHR files encrypted all the time in order to protect the health privacy of the PHR owners not leaked. In addition, the medical cloud architecture proposed in this paper is suitable for multiple application scenarios. Different from the traditional domain division which has public domain (PUD) and private domain (PSD), the PUD domain is further divided into PUD1and PUD2 with finer granularity based on different permissions of the PHR users. In the PUD1, the PHR users have read or write access to the PHR files, while the PHR users in the PUD2 only have read permissions. In the PSD, we use key aggregation encryption (KAE) to realize the access control. For PHR users of PUD1 and PUD2, the outsourcable ABE technology is adopted to greatly reduce the computing burden of users. The results of function and performance test show that the scheme is safe and effective.



Software And Hardware