Protecting Medical Images by Using Fused Cryptographic Technique with Fog Computing


Medical Service providers are moving towards Cloud Computing as information sharing is a prevalent stage for any medical organization. With the enhancement of innovation, a titanic measure of information is creating with time. Cloud Computing gives a tremendous information stockpiling limit with the adaptability of getting to it without the time and place limitations with virtualized assets. To access information from any topographical area, the medical services industry is moving towards cloud processing. Tremendous expansion in clinical pictures presents a major test for medical services suppliers as they need to oversee, process and share these data with low cost. Medical images show restraint's computerized records, which incorporate touchy data of patients. Apart from all the capable assistance given by cloud processing, security is an essential worry for different associations. To address the security issue, a few cryptographic strategies carried out by analysts around the world. In this paper, an efficient fused Cryptographic technique which is a combination of Elliptic Curve Cryptography and DNA Cryptography with Fog computing facility is discussed.



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