Decentralized Accreditation of Educational Attainments using Blockchain


Today's world is connected through the digital platforms Independent of Geographical location and to serve the needs of the administration process involved in educational we need the platform that help to work through network in a secured and transparent manner and due to the Blockchain core behaviors like transparent, confidentiality, Immutable, decentralized and distributed nature, the Legacy Administrative process for Students Certificate management and verification can be replaced. The Proposed model also helps to setup a streamlined administration process in the educational institute solve the variety of issues that are there in legacy educational organization/institutes administration process like tracking of records in cloud, fraud certification detection, keeping Identity digital under the control of authentic source and transferring over the internet securely, by eliminating need to verify them by third party sources. In this paper we proposed a system to solve the current cumbersome administration process by reducing the huge paperwork involved and by reducing the cost of double spend for manpower among the participating, reduce the wait time for the involved stake holders like Students, guardians and universities.



Software And Hardware