Movie Rating System based on Blockchain


Entertainment industry is growing at a very rapid pace where a huge amount of money is being put into the making of the films. The success or failure of a movie is determined by the box office collection. The box office collection is dependent on various factors like director, actors, actresses, technicians, production house, musicians, marketing, etc. But yet it is highly influenced by the reviews and feedbacks given by the people, critics, media, etc. Due to the latest trends in the marketing field, digital media is used as a form of recommendation system where users read the reviews about a movie, or the ratings rated before making any decision to watch a movie. The existing problem that are identified with these reviews is that nowadays bots are being deployed to increase the reviews, and also fake reviews, negative reviews are also a major concern since most of the reviews are given by people without watching the movies. These problems create huge financial loss to the company, the people associated with it and also the movie industry as a whole. So in order to overcome the existing problems we are considering using blockchain technology as the future of entertainment industry. Since blockchain is a distributed network we can use it to store the reviews given by the user which is nontamperable and this in turn can help rate a movie correctly. Because of the genuine reviews stored in blockchain, movie goers can choose the correct film and make a good film successful thereby increasing the box office collection of the movie.



Software And Hardware