Secure Blockchain for Admission Processing in Educational Institutions


Blockchain technology with its secure mechanism of maintaining data and transactions in shared, immutable, distributed ledgers has become very relevant today and is increasingly used for financial applications. This paper proposes the use of consortium blockchain and smart contracts for secure, transparent and automated processing of student applications received by educational institutions. The students applying for admissions in educational institutions need assurance of a safe, secure and transparent platform that does not compromise their privacy. On the other hand, educational institutions too need assurance about the authenticity of the documents and the applicant. The use of consortium blockchain and smart contracts incorporating business logic for validating, verifying and filtering of valid applications provides a safe and secure platform for processing student applications. This paper looks at blockchain application beyond finance and explains how the student registration and admission process can be made safe and secure for all stakeholders. It promotes a seamless mechanism with reduced turnaround time and increased security and transparency.



Software And Hardware