Blockchain based Voting system in Local Network


Structuring an electronic voting system which fulfills the legitimate requirements of representatives has been a challenge for a long time. Conducting the free, systematic and impartial election is the vital goal of every democracy nation. Every country follows a different voting system from old paper ballot system to Electronic voting system. There facing a many problem in these voting systems. The main problem is location and the accessibility, people are suffering to go to their native place polling booth for casting their vote. This needs to be considered as every people`s vote plays significant role in deciding the right leaders. Blockchain technology offers the transparency and security requisites for the impartial election. It is a complete decentralized, immutable ledger system. The online voting system allows the voters to cast their vote from any place at any time which leads to increasing the voter participation count. The objective of the paper is to create a voting system which provides transparency and security using Blockchain technology, the Ganache tool is used for setting up a local blockchain network. The metamask is used for account verification.



Software And Hardware