MIRIAM: A Blockchain-based Web Application for Managing Professional Registrations of Medical Doctors in Brazil


Fiscal agencies have been facing several challenges regarding the legitimate exercise of professions. In particular, the context of medicine exercise poses as a crucial one, since the professionals involved in this field are responsible for dealing with the health of third parties. However, we may notice a number of incidents and frauds related to the professionals records of physicians, such as issuing forged diplomas or availability of information not validated. In order to avoid these frauds, one can highlight the relevance of investigating innovative solutions aiming to maintain in a safe and transparent way the professional history of each doctor. In this context, our objective and major contribution is to present MIRIAM, a blockchain-based web application based on the Hyperledger platform, that allows, in a decentralized and reliable fashion, the storage of relevant information necessary for managing registrations of medical professionals. In addition, we explored the Brazilian regulatory framework to clarify the solution's feasibility in a real-world workflow scenario.



Software And Hardware