Bigdata Enabled Realtime Crowd Surveillance Using Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning


India has in recent years witnessed significant tragedies related to crowds. Statistics indicate that over 70 per cent of Indian crowd-related accidents happened during religious festivities. A devastating humanitarian disaster may occur if crowd safety measures are not enforced and the massive crowds need to be given special attention. Manual crowd control requires extensive human intervention and is more vulnerable to human error and is a time-consuming activity too. In this paper we emphasize on L&T Smart World AI-based crowd management system implemented during the world's largest Kumbh Mela 2019 gathering in Prayagraj using Artificial Intelligence to solve circumstances that go beyond human capability. The data gathered provides the core for a framework for effective crowd management or evacuation strategies to minimize the risk of overwhelmed and dangerous conditions. Deep learning provides the solution to the dense crowd count and management problems. The crowd control analytics system of L&T Smart World has succeeded in maintaining the safety of 23 crore pilgrims visited during the 50 days of Holy Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj, India, demonstrates the efficacy of the solution implemented.



Software And Hardware