Self-Powered Hybrid Wearable E-Skin for Artificial Intelligence Sensing System


Electronic skin (e-skin) is a kind of artificial skin, which has great application value in the fields of sensors, signal monitoring and human-machine interaction. This paper proposes a new type of self-powered flexible hybrid wearable e-skin system based on the combined working mechanism of Single-Electrode mode Triboelectric Nanogenerator (SE-TENG) and Piezoelectric Nanogenerator (PENG). The electrode and piezoelectric material are designed into a serpentine grid structure, which greatly improves the stretchability. The open circuit voltage (VOC) is ~100V, the short circuit current (ISC) is ~10μA, and the power density is as high as 1mW / cm2. The system can not only be used as a self-powered sensor to detect physical signals in real time, but also can achieve high-precision positioning functions, which has extremely broad application prospects in the field of artificial intelligence.



Software And Hardware