Design and Feasibility Analysis of an Artificial Intelligence Based Mobile App for Emergency Ambulance


In this paper, we introduce a mobile application named EMS BD. EMS BD can be used to find an ambulance at the time of emergency. In an emergency user just need to press the help button and the app will find the nearest driver using artificial intelligence. This is done with the help of numerous features that are available in this application. With the change of differently customized control advancement, an online emergency vehicle framework has ended up being progressively indispensable these days. Also, free ambulance drivers can earn some extra money using the app. This framework is an application-based rescue vehicle framework using a one of a kind mobile application, GPS. The framework is significantly less costly than the standard ambulance, which gives security from various perspectives. The objective of this examination is to manufacture a direct and sensible, yet quicker rescue vehicle benefit. In this paper, model design, performance analysis, and control of EMS BD are elaborately discussed.



Software And Hardware