Artificial Intelligence based Smart Door with Face Mask Detection


In this pandemic situation, health plays an important role in everyone's life. Most of the people are not aware of preventing themselves and their surroundings from this pandemic. Face mask is essential to prevent ourselves and others. So, people are in need to wear face mask regularly. People who visit home won't wear mask due to their unawareness which may affect people. People may not know if someone visits their home when they are not there. AI based smart device (Raspberry pi with AI model with camera) is proposed in this project which identifies whether a person is wearing face mask and gives us an alert message (via mobile app). This device is integrated with a mobile app. Mobile app identifies if someone enters home when people are not physically present in their home. This smart device automatically opens the door only if people wear face mask. This device works both day and night. It can be used in multiple places like malls, shops, hospitals and temples.



Software And Hardware