Land Resource Management Information Platform Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology


Cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence have become the hot spots in the current information system construction, and the integration of artificial intelligence into the information management platform has become a new means. This paper mainly studies the land resource management information platform based on artificial intelligence technology. In this paper, the concept of artificial intelligence is first described. Secondly, combined with the key technologies and daily business requirements, the system requirements analysis was completed, and the specific functional requirements of the platform were deeply analyzed through the use case diagram. Thirdly, combined with the system design principles, the system logic structure and function module design are completed. Finally, combined with the system design and implementation, the system test is completed from the two aspects of system function test and performance test. The results of function test and performance test show that the land resource management information fully meets the expected design requirements and all the performance indicators meet the requirements.



Software And Hardware