The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Network Technology


Today’s era is an era of rapid development. With the continuous improvement of the national economy, China has higher requirements and standards for the development of Internet information technology. Based on this social context, "artificial intelligence" came into being. Artificial intelligence has also brought unprecedented changes to our lives, enriched the world we live in, and made the application of computer network technology more convenient. The needs of the social masses are also constantly improving, and people begin to pursue a higher quality of life. As a kind of high and new technology, computer network technology gradually appears in our life, closely related to the people’s daily life, and has become an advanced industry in the new era. This paper introduces the application of contemporary artificial intelligence technology in computer network technology, through the discussion of artificial intelligence, analyzes the application of artificial intelligence in classification and identification services, network security, computer network management, and can better understand the application strategy of computer network technology under today’s artificial intelligence.



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