Projectwale,Opp. DMCE,Airoli,sector 2

Hackathon 20th July,2020

Hackathon for Dummies . Please read rules and regulation

projectwale final year project hackathon

1)Register on form at the end or email us your details on [email protected] with “Hackathon 20-07-2020” as subject

2)Link will be given on website

3)Problem statement will be displayed on 20th july 2020 on projectwale website

4)Student should be from TE or BE or passout 2020

5)Student must record video with code .with microsoft expression encoder video should be maximum of 8 minutes

6)Winner of this hackathon will be declared on 1st August 2020 and display on our website

7)In case we found code copied and distributed to each other . such groups will be disqualified.

8)source code with coding explaination video should be send in zip format at [email protected]

9)Student must understand that this will not be very difficult hackathon. To give you idea about hackathon we have arranged this. Please do it by your own.

10)Dataset for project/problem statement should be downloaded or created by student with maximum 1000 entries

11)Coding should be in python use tools like anaconda,jupyter notebook,spyder pycharm. Flask should be used for UI.

12)Sample video explaination link is Stock Price prediction

13)Students got selected for evaluation will have call from us .

14)Winner with best UI,best logic,best presentation will be selected.

15)Winner will get certificate from INBOTICS TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.

PPT must include

1)your name

2)college name

3)problem statement

4)your work screenshot

5)Applications where our problem statement can help

6)advantages of system

7)scope of project

8)softwares used

Hackathon projectwale 20/07/2020

Please fill your details

Sample hackathon statement. This will not be on 20th july 2020

The main goal of this project is to develop a financial search engine for traders where trader can search any fortune 500 companies and the search engine will display the graph of closing stock price of that company of last 10 years. Traders can further click on any point on the graph and the search engine will display the relevant results of that day. Moreover, a Company can predict the rise in investment for the current month based on the decrease of more than 10% of the stock price in last week. This engine will thus provide range of services such as real time market summaries, market statistics and financial news to make the activities in economic market make more efficient and profitable. Web scrapping will be done to scrap the data from the financial data sources using the scrapping libraries such as BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, Selenium, Requests; Also there will be live streamin and processing of data for the prediction of investment in the company.